"What do I like best about my job? The hours, the flexibility, the sense of accomplishment from working my way up and most of all, the boss-ME!"


Senior Team Leader & Systems Trainer

I truly appreciate working from home with On-site TM. It is a company where personal integrity and quality of work are acknowledged; and professional development is encouraged. I take great pride in the work that I do and the calls that I make for every office and company that chooses to grow with our help. It gives me a very high level of satisfaction to hear that my work has benefited our clients. We're willing to go the extra mile to meet our client's needs because our success depends on their success.


Team Leader

We are different - we tell you like it is!


That's right. Every business is unique and tele-prospecting is not a fi t for every business. To make sure it's right for you we begin every consultation with a comprehensive fact-fi nding interview. You'll tell us all about your practice or your business, your needs and your goals. We'll tell you if we can help. Usually we can, but if we think you'd be better off going another direction, we'll tell you. Based on our years of experience, we'll recommend the best possible solution for your company - even if it's not with us!


Our focus is on generating and securing quality leads and appointments that will end in results for your practice or your business. We're persistent, not pushy, but you don't have to take our word for it...

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we're focused on quality

Prospects will not tolerate tightly scripted calls. We use discussion guides that assist our representatives without putting words in their mouths. We work hard to understand your practice or your business and train our people to become pros at marketing your specific strengths.

Click here to listen to some of our calls and hear just how well we represent our clients, overcome objections and convert calls to qualified leads.

we not only hire the best... we keep the best!

Our success hinges on the quality and performance of our TSR's (teleservice representatives), team leaders and managers. We are proud to describe our TSR's as highly dedicated individuals that work extremely hard to meet both your goals as well as their own. Our team is composed of intelligent, friendly, and compassionate people who go to great measures to meet our client's needs - day in and day out. We fan their passion and actively encourage our employees to develop their skills, knowledge, and experience through continuous learning and career advancement opportunities. Investing in our team is an absolute top priority.

we build your name

Whether it's chatting with your patients about a new service you recommend for them or talking to an offi ce manager concerned about how she is going to cope with EMR we'll make sure we leave a good impression. When we say, we're a part of your staff ... we mean it!

we partner with our clients.

We will work with you to match specific representatives that will become pros at prospecting your products and services. Your Client Services manager will personally speak to you at least once a week, more often in the early stages, to make sure we're doing our best to meet your objectives. We thoroughly analyze program results and recommend improvements while the campaign is in progress so it will achieve even better results. You can rest assured that your account won't get lost in the shuffle.

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